Linda Graves           a.k.a.         LS Britt          a.k.a.         Layla Hazine
       &   LS BRITT

names rather easy to remember.) Also, I have a beautiful granddaughter, Jayla who I am blessed to be
able to spend a lot of time with.

I began writing short stories in elementary school and have piddled with it for the past 30 years. After
graduating, I attended college and entered the exciting world of accounting. (Hey, I like fantasy!) As
riveting as my life was, I need something more.

In 1978, I discovered Middle Eastern Dance. In 1988, along with my dance partner Suhira and several
other sister dancers, we formed the Belly Dance troupe, Scheherezade's Fantasies, as well as the
Polynesian troupe, Hula Breeze. My Middle Eastern Dance persona, Layla Hazine was born. We were
privileged to perform for restaurants, private parties, seminars, and multiple festivals. We were staples
of the Texas Renaissance Festival for eight years. But my major claim to dance fame came when we
were invited by Senator Charlie Wilson to entertain the Defense Minister of Egypt. (See picture below.)

Every moment of my spare time was devoted to my troupe as co-director, teacher, costume designer and
co-choreographer until in 2004 we sadly disbanded the troupe. Now I dance in a much less responsible
capacity with Bellydance 101 which, is directed by Amy Hunter, one of my former students.

As a child and young adult, I loved to read and write short stories. But when my life was devoured by
Middle Eastern dance, I just never seemed to have time. Several years ago, I was home recovering from
a minor surgery and was not allowed to do anything. I picked up my son's copy of 'Harry Potter and the
Sorcerer's Stone' by JK Rowling and I was hooked again. I realized how much I had missed the literary
part of my life. I loved the images the words played in my head. I was inspired to let my imagination soar
and I began to write again.

As an entertainer for my entire adult life, I had a void to fill in my life when Scheherezade's Fantasies
were no more. Now I am seriously devoting my time and talents to writing. I am enjoying the opportunity
to still do the one thing I love most, entertaining. Now instead of using my hips, I spend my time
Dancing with Words.
One of the dancers who
performed for the
Defense Minister of
Egypt at the request of
Senator Charlie Wilson
(Charlie Wilson's War by
George Crile)
My Multiple Personalities
Author of Contemporary,
Paranormal, and Fantasy
Author of  
Sizzling Hot
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