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Linda Graves

A unique voice To bring your story to life.


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Travel Adventure. 3rd person. 2F European / 1 cat w/ attitude.

Fantasy. 3rd person. 2M American vampire / British elf.


Kids/Young Adult. Multi-cast. Claudia, congressional staffer.
Season 1: Fina Mendoza Mysteries. Full episodes.

Short Story. 1st person. Elderly, midwestern ghost.
Cul-de sac. Full episode.

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My Story

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Ever since she played Chicken Little at the age of 7 and realized that she could make people laugh, Linda has pursued a life of storytelling. From a television appearance on Dynasty to late nights on stage at her beloved Theatre of NOTE to running a 1400-seat Performing Arts Center, Linda’s journey in theatre arts has finally culminated in voiceover and audiobook narration.

Clients and authors that she has worked with have described her unique and memorable voice as “captivating, arresting, yet calming,” “youthful but with wisdom” and  “simultaneously full of vulnerability and strength.” And. . . “most importantly, she delivered my story with heart and was a joy to work with!”

Whether it’s voicing a variety of canines in a Young Adult book or the fantasy world of vampires, elves, and pixies, Linda is most happy when bringing to life a wide variety of characters…human or not! Her love of accents led her to narrate a travel adventure book requiring many accents including British RP, American Southern, Spanish, Caribbean, Irish, Scottish and Mexican. She has also enjoyed recording Children’s books, Romance, Mystery and Thrillers, and Multi-cast projects.

When not recording, Linda loves traveling with her husband, playing with her rescue pup, knitting, gardening, and reading, reading, reading (which, of course, means listening to MANY audiobooks)!

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